View from the Front Lines at think LA

Thinking Mobile

Thinking Mobile

I had the privilege of giving the keynote address at think LA‘s inaugural Mobile Breakfast event on June 16th to a packed house of energetic advertising and marketing executives. My post at the helm of ChaCha over the past few years has taught me volumes about the challenges today’s marketers face when trying to reach and interact with their target audiences. Being amongst a group like this is a great reminder that learning and teaching should operate in a continuum.

If you’d like to see my slides from this presentation, you can view them below and they are also available for download from Slideshare.

It’s easy to suffer from projection and assume that because this is how you react as a consumer or that because you’ve seen a market react a particular way once that this should always be the rule of thumb. The truth is that when it comes to consumers and the mass market, you are dealing with a very challenging, fickle and emotional audience that changes like the weather. It’s a wise practice to listen and never assume or take things at face value. Hearing the success stories of marketers in a setting like this is very inspiring. I left this event invigorated with new approaches to test out on my own business plans. A big thanks to the bright and wonderful crowd at think LA‘s Mobile Breakfast for being such a great audience. Hopefully you learned as much as I did, and I look forward to working together again soon.

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