IUPUI School of Informatics: Wired - Our Infatuation With Technology

The Gestalt of Humans & Technology: Wired

The Gestalt of Humans & Technology: Wired

I was called upon to provide the keynote presentation for the Indiana University School of InformaticsWired: Our Infatuation With Technology conference and addressed a packed house of cutting-edge thinkers on Saturday, February 12, 2011 in Indianapolis on IUPUI’s campus.

In this discussion Scott shared thoughts on how he was inspired to invent the world’s leading voice mail system with Boston Technology, the world’s premiere music database with Gracenote and the groundbreaking artificial intelligence robotics technologies seen in Precise Path’s RG3. He also detailed the revolutionary new take on information discovery that I’m developing with my team at ChaCha. ChaCha’s question and answer platform is currently embraced by over 30 million US users per month, and continues to grow at an explosive pace due to the uniquely precise and conversational nature of its content.

I feel fortunate to be credited with the innovations and accomplishments I’ve been a part of to date. I hope that the attendees of Wired gained actionable insights from my stories of the tried-and-tested path that’s allowed me to reach the levels of success I’ve attained. For Wired,  I also shared thoughts and data surrounding the latest trends and forecasts in technology encompassing new mobile and computing devices, digital services such as Facebook, Groupon, Twitter and Zynga, and how all of these emerging technologies will impact public consumption of media and advertiser dollars.

Some of the biggest takeaways I hope the audience of Wired left with are to be mindful of the convergence of geographic, social and mobile technologies as well as how an aspect of gamification is interwoven with many emerging information discovery tools. Study the tea leaves when it comes to trends like smartphone and tablet adoption, and think on a global basis. I hope my accomplishments can serve as living proof that always keeping an ear to the ground can inspire a level of creativity capable of solving problems modern society has yet to even realize it has.

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