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Spotify Who? MOG Blows It Away

Spotify Who? MOG Blows It Away

First and foremost, everything on MOG streams at a highest-level 320 kbps bitrate. That means every track is just about CD quality. Spotify, which began in Europe and has been around longer as a subscription service, has said for years that it is upgrading its songs from its older standard of 160kbs, but an awful lot of them still come across at the lower bitrate. That makes a real difference if you’re plugging into a good sound system. Sometimes you’ll get great sound from Spotify, sometimes you won’t. With MOG you don’t have to worry. It really is like owning all those CDs. Click here to read entire article.


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Fredrick E. Allen, Like Spotify? MOG Blows it Away, Forbes, December 27, 2011

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