Breakthrough Voicemail Technology

At the age of 25, I co-founded my first company, Boston Technology Inc. This is where I invented the voicemail system later sold to Comverse for $843 million in 1997. Amid deregulation and the divestiture of AT&T, Bell Atlantic and other “Baby Bells” approached potential voicemail inventors, asking them to provide a sophisticated system. Already having prepared patent applications for voicemail technology that could handle entire metropolitan areas, I had started well ahead of the competition. I aggressively promised Bell Atlantic to deliver in three months what would have most likely taken competitors years to deliver. Working night and day, Boston Technology delivered a voicemail system that was faster, more scalable, more reliable, more user-friendly and 20 times bigger than those of competitors such as AT&T, Siemens, Northern Telecom and others.

The patents resulting from my voicemail beginnings during my mid-20’s have been implemented by nearly every major telephone company in the world and have enabled those companies to offer highly profitable voicemail services to hundreds of millions of their customers.

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