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New Endeavor With Tunesat

New Endeavor With Tunesat

I’m thrilled to announce my new professional affiliation with Tunesat as an investor and board member. TuneSat LLC is an audio fingerprinting technology company that enables music rights holders to track the usage of their music on TV and the Internet. I participated in a $6 million funding round that closed todayled by General Electric Pension Trust, advised by GE Asset Management. Myself and Carlos Monfiglio of GE Asset Management will join TuneSat’s Board of Directors. Tunesat will utilize the new equity capital to expand the global reach of its content monitoring services.

Tunesat’s CEO Scott Schreer said,“TuneSat is revolutionizing the music industry by giving content owners the tools and business intelligence to take total control of where and when their music is performed.”

TuneSat’s ability to monitor the use of music in difficult audio environments is unparalleled, and this new equity financing will give the company a big boost to significantly expand its services.

Founded by BMI award‐winning “NFL On Fox Theme” composer and producer Scott Schreer, along with composer/producer Chris Woods, TuneSat provides rights holders with near‐real time visibility into when and where their music is being performed on TV and the Internet. TuneSat utilizes a proprietary audio fingerprint technology and monitors hundreds of broadcasters and millions of websites across the globe. An intuitive web interface gives its subscribers unprecedented knowledge about their audio performances, even in the noisiest of broadcast environments. Using TuneSat data, content owners can ensure that they are properly paid for licensed music while protecting themselves against its unauthorized use.

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