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Indy Host Most Connected Super Bowl in History

Over the past 46 years, premier cities have hosted the super bowl, offering fans and players an experience that is like no other. It is no secret that Indianapolis’s Host Committee have put together a Super Bowl celebration that offers and unsurpassed experience.¬†Today Forbes reports that Indy Hosts Most Connected Super Bowl in History

“The result has been what we feel will be the most visited website of any Host ¬†Commmittee, supported by a mobilized version of the site text programs, a Q&A service powered ChaCha, a mobile app (developed with NFL) and for less technically motivated, a Fan Hotline telephone number,” Brad explained

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Aurther, Lisa. "Indy Hosts Most Connected Super Bowl in History - Forbes."Information for the World's Business Leaders - Forbes, 1 Feb. 2012. Web. 01 Feb. 2012. <>.
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