Leadership is a state of mind.  A strong leader can move mountains by skillfully rallying his or her team behind a common, well-articulated mission.  I have found that this is most directly accomplished by cementing in the minds of the team a mission worthy of achievement.  For leaders, investing one’s leadership skills is equally challenging whether the goals are big or small; hence, I encourage you to embrace BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) with a “Change the World” vision.  Always ask yourself, “How do I play in a bigger game?”  Having said that, it is important to “walk before you run,” but don’t be scared away from giant ideas that you are genuinely committed to see through to reality.

In order to succeed with an idea, it is the job of a leader to successfully recruit the best, brightest and most talented people that can be attracted to the cause. And, then the real work comes when the leader must unite those capable people to work together harmoniously in ways that deliver amazing results that dwarf what could be accomplished by the sum of just those individuals.  Leaders create “new math” where 1+1+1 can equal 8.  Leaders must look for those opportunities.

Here are some tips for entrepreneurial leaders that I provided in a recent lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Be Bold

Be Passionate

Fail fast (and tune up)

Lead by example

Aggressively fill skill gaps

“Safe Debate”

Give back



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