ChaCha + Wolfram | Alpha = Computational Q&A

ChaCha + Wolfram | Alpha

ChaCha + Wolfram | Alpha

ChaCha is excited to announce our new partnership with online computational knowledge service Wolfram|Alpha. This new collaboration brings our users enhanced answers to their complex questions with instantly computed facts across over 100 topic areas such as demographics, definitions, mathematics, geography and celebrity facts.

We urge you to test drive our enhanced capabilities yourself, and here are a few example questions that Wolfram|Alpha has helped us answer to get you started:

This natural partnership also opens up new delivery methods for Wolfram|Alpha’s knowledge. With the popular free SMS text messaging version of ChaCha’s Q&A service accessed by texting any question to 242-242, fans of Wolfram|Alpha have gained an entirely new way to access the world’s largest data repository from wherever they are whenever they need fast, accurate computed answers.

Please join us in welcoming our new fact-finding friends at Wolfram|Alpha to the ChaCha family, and be sure to text your factual queries to 242-242 so you can see the benefits of this integration for yourself.

To learn more about the details of this exciting new partnership, read the official press announcement.

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