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ChaCha Finding its Stride:

ChaCha Finding its Stride:

In an interview with Bambi Francisco of, I shared how ChaCha‘s Q&A service has found its stride serving a diversity of online and mobile users seeking answers.

I have led ChaCha as Chairman, Founder and CEO since 2005, and we are really finding our stride right now both  both online and on mobile phones, having raised $72 million in financing since inception.  In my talk with Bambi, you’ll get my latest perspective on the explosive growth of this unique Q&A service and its loyal user following.

Some ChaCha highlights shared in my interview:

  • About three million people, or 13% of its users, come from using a mobile phone.
  • Mobile phone users are extremely engaged as they ask 20 questions per month
  • Mobile users are younger, ranging from 13 to 25 years old
  • The questions the service is good for are incredibly diverse ranging from relationship advice to homework help to world travel and more

To see my full chat with Bambi Francisco of, check out the video below.


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