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New Endeavor With Tunesat Read more »

New Endeavor With Tunesat

I’m thrilled to announce my new professional affiliation with Tunesat as an investor and board member. TuneSat LLC is an audio fingerprinting technology company that enables music rights holders to track the usage of their music on TV and the Internet. I participated in a Read more…

Lemonade Day 2011 a Big Success Read more »

Lemonade Day 2011 a Big Success

I’m excited to share that today marks our most successful Indianapolis Lemonade Day yet. ChaCha was a proud sponsor of the Lemonade Day 2011 program.  I hope many children that you have (or know) were able to participate. I wanted to especially offer my humble Read more…

IU Informatics Honor Read more »

IU Informatics Honor

On April 14th 2011 at the Woodstock Club in Indianapolis, IN, I had the distinct honor of being presented with the IU School of Informatics‘ annual Career Achievement Award. This award is part of a joint recognition program brought forth by the IU School of Read more…

The Gestalt of Humans & Technology: Wired Read more »

The Gestalt of Humans & Technology: Wired

I was called upon to provide the keynote presentation for the Indiana University School of Informatics‘ Wired: Our Infatuation With Technology conference and addressed a packed house of cutting-edge thinkers on Saturday, February 12, 2011 in Indianapolis on IUPUI’s campus. In this discussion Scott shared Read more…

Where DO I Get My Ideas? FOX59 Read more »

Where DO I Get My Ideas? FOX59

Our local FOX news affiliate’s anchor Ray Cortipassi stopped by my home to get a firsthand glimpse of what inspires me to keep creating new things. A mantra those who know me are very familiar with is to ‘fail fast.’ The intuition to know when Read more…

IBJ Part 3: Inspiration for Voice Mail Read more »

IBJ Part 3: Inspiration for Voice Mail

In the third installment of my interview with The Indianapolis Business Journal, Mason King questioned me on what inspired my role in modern voice mail technology. I’m known by many locally in my home state of Indiana as ‘The Guy Who Invented Voice Mail,’ but Read more…

IBJ Part 2: Lemonade Day Read more »

IBJ Part 2: Lemonade Day

Here is the second segment of my

Leading Questions: IBJ Read more »

Leading Questions: IBJ

I sat down recently with The Indianapolis Business Journal‘s Mason King who asked me to share  some candid insights and advice about the triumphs and challenges faced when looking to invent new technologies that will make life easier. In our interview, I shared my thoughts Read more…

ChaCha Finding its Stride: Read more »

ChaCha Finding its Stride:

In an interview with Bambi Francisco of, I shared how ChaCha‘s Q&A service has found its stride serving a diversity of online and mobile users seeking answers. I have led ChaCha as Chairman, Founder and CEO since 2005, and we are really finding our Read more…

Marketing Gone Mobile Read more »

Marketing Gone Mobile

Mobile marketing leaders gathered November 17th, 2010 for the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) LA Forum in Beverly Hills to hear from the leading industry voices on where the industry is now, and what’s next. As the CEO and founder ChaCha (text 242-242) the “mobile answers” Read more…

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