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And these little Piggies are now a part of the Jones Family

The Jones family is excited to announce the newest additions to the family. The five month old boy and girl piglets arrived yesterday on a  3-legged flight from Austin, and were quite hungry!

The piggies have a great new home and plenty of food,but Scott and VeeVee are having a hard time picking names. Help Scott and VeeVee pick out names, and if your name or names are selected you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card for each name. A simple way to win a possible $200 in Amazon Gift Cards!


Leave your ideas here or on Twitter @chachaman or @VeeVee

Let the games begin!!

Scott and VeeVee have selected the winning names for their new piglets!

After many entries and careful thought, Vicki Weiner is our winner! Welcome Mocha ( Brown Boy) and Latte ( White Girl) to the Jones Family!
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