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IBJ Part 3: Inspiration for Voice Mail Read more »

IBJ Part 3: Inspiration for Voice Mail

In the third installment of my interview with The Indianapolis Business Journal, Mason King questioned me on what inspired my role in modern voice mail technology. I’m known by many locally in my home state of Indiana as ‘The Guy Who Invented Voice Mail,’ but Read more…

IBJ Part 2: Lemonade Day Read more »

IBJ Part 2: Lemonade Day

Here is the second segment of my

Leading Questions: IBJ Read more »

Leading Questions: IBJ

I sat down recently with The Indianapolis Business Journal‘s Mason King who asked me to share¬† some candid insights and advice about the triumphs and challenges faced when looking to invent new technologies that will make life easier. In our interview, I shared my thoughts Read more…

ChaCha Finding its Stride: Read more »

ChaCha Finding its Stride:

In an interview with Bambi Francisco of, I shared how ChaCha‘s Q&A service has found its stride serving a diversity of online and mobile users seeking answers. I have led ChaCha as Chairman, Founder and CEO since 2005, and we are really finding our Read more…